Constitution and Rules

Name of the Party

The name of the Party shall be "Rashtriya Janata Dal ", hereinafter called 'the Party'. Its headquarters shall be located at New Delhi.


  • The Party shall bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established and stand committed to the values as enshrined therein. The Party is determined to make up Bihar as a strong and prosperous state, which is modern, progressive and enlightened in outlook.
  • Upliftment of the weaker sections through positive actions in favor of the disadvantaged sections of the society. The Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, Women and the downtrodden.
  • Ensuring institutionalized and democratic functioning of the Party at all levels by encouraging free exchange of views and permitting the members of the Party to make their best individual contribution to improve the lives of the people in all spheres.
  • The party aims at establishing a democratic state which guarantees to all citizens irrespective of caste, creed or sex along with bringing political, social and economic justice and equality to downtrodden and exploited.


The flag of the Party shall be Green Color with rectangular shape with party symbol on it.

Election Symbol

The Election symbol of the Party shall be the 'Lantern' as shown above

Organizational Structure:

RJD has the following organizational structure:

  1. Primary units Village/Ward/Committees
  2. Intermediate units
    1. Block / Prakhand/ Constituency Councils
    2. Block / Prakhand / Constituency Executives
  3. District Units
    1. The District Councils
    2. The State Executives
  4. State Units
    1. The State Councils
    2. The District Executives
  5. National Units
    1. The National Council
    2. The National Executives

Membership/Active Membership


Any person of age 18 or above, who believes in the endeavors and objectives of the RJD and is not a member of any other political or communal organization which has separate membership and a separate constitution and who does not participate in the activities of such organization, can become a Primary member of the RJD on filling the Membership 'Form' and paying a nominal subscription fee of Rs. 10 /- only.

  • No person shall be eligible to become a primary member of the Party except at his/her permanent place of residence or where he/she carries on his/her usual vocation.
  • No person shall be a member at more than one place.
  • A member shall not change his/her place of membership except on representation given in writing to the concerned designated authority at the District or State level and on the acceptance of such representation.
  • The term of membership, primary or active (mentioned below) shall be from the first of January of the year or from the date of enrolment as member up to 31st of December of the subsequent third year.
  • Permanent Register of primary members shall be maintained, within their jurisdiction, by every Block/Constituency or other Subordinate Committee, copies thereof being sent to District Committee concerned as per prescribed rules.
  • Renewal of primary membership shall be deemed to have been completed by depositing the membership subscription; together with the application for renewal of membership.
  • The following categories of persons who are primary members are eligible to be active members on enrolling 10 primary members triennially:
    • Members of the Panchayats, Block, Development Committees, Zila Parishads, Notified Area Committees, Town Area Committees, Municipal Corporations, other local bodies, Metropolitan Councils, State Legislatures and Parliament.
    • Those who are actively connected with such organizations as are recognized for the purpose by the WC.
    • Freedom Fighters who have undergone imprisonment or were externed or were underground or were penalized for participating in freedom movement.
    • Any person who has been a primary member for two consecutive terms.
    • Any other person approved by the President of the Party.
    • Every Active Member shall pay Rs.5/- towards the fee for active membership as well as Rs. 50/- collected from the 10 Primary Members enrolled by him along with the application for active membership.
    • Every active member shall make a declaration in Form-B under his/her signature and fulfill the conditions mentioned therein.
    • Every active member shall undergo a minimum training as may be prescribed by the WC.
    • Unless, he/she undertakes to undergo the minimum training mentioned above, no active member shall be entitled to contest for elections to the Party posts or to the Parliament, State legislative assembly or Metropolitan Council or local bodies on party tickets.
    • No person shall be selected for election on Party ticket to the Parliament, State Legislatures and local bodies unless he/she is an active member.
    • Active membership may be renewed on the approval of membership renewal application in Form-C duly filled in and authenticated.
    • (a) Permanent Register of active members shall be maintained by the District/City Committees. A copy of the Permanent Register duly certified by the District/City Committee President shall be made available to the SC. The District/City Committee will issue identity cards with photographs of the members pasted on the cards under signature of the President of the concerned District/City Committee and of the concerned SC.
      (b) The SC shall supply a duly certified copy of the Permanent Register of active members within their jurisdiction to the office of the WC and keep it informed of any changes therein from time to time.
      (c) The Register shall contain the full name, address, age, occupation, place of residence and date of enrolment of every member.
      (d) Membership shall cease by death, resignation, removal or non-payment of contribution and non-renewal of membership.
    • Each active member shall contribute to the Party Fund certain percentage of his/her income, as prescribed in the rules by the wc.