RJD – (Youth Wing/Division)

"Youth is the age of dreams, discovery and achievement".

Yuva RJD was formed with the objective of channelizing and mobilizing the youth of largest democracy in the world towards working for a society, which is egalitarian and secular in outlook. It is the largest democratic and secular youth association in Bihar that represents the aspirations of millions of youth and students for a progressive politics aiming to ensure inclusive development. Yuva RJD, has been positively charging the young minds by remaining in the vanguard of youth politics. Since its inception, Yuva RJD has been in the forefront to protect the rights and interest of youth and students cutting across caste, class, religion and gender.

Yuva RJD realizes that the involvement of youth in Bihar politics is still limited and one of the plausible reasons is that large number of people look at politics with cynicism. They are of the view that any kind of engagement with politics shall hamper the career and prospects of the young. Yuva RJD feels that only the young can contest and challenge this 'hegemonic anti-politics' of our times. Yuva RJD has immaculate belief in 'Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven' and hence places a high premium on the potential of youth in social and political transformation. Yuva RJD exhorts the youth to come together that and shape the state, society and the nation for a better tomorrow.

Tejpratap Yadav

Yuva RJD also realizes that most of the political outfits in Bihar do not have strong and vibrant youth wings and as a result of which young people do not have smooth passage into politics. None can deny that such lack of participation from the largest population puts serious question marks on representative and participatory democracy. It is to the credit of Mr. Tejashwi Yadav who thought over and decided to work for a module whereby youth should be provided with the required political socialization so that they form the pool which ultimately shall carve out the contours of a progressive and inclusive politics.

Yuva RJD is of the opinion that passionate and unrestricted dialogue and discussion bring in new and fresh ideas; vital for the longevity of the democracy. Yuva RJD has begun by urging the party reach out to young people and draw them to engage in policy debate and activism.

With its young and growing population, Bihar is a state where the youth can play a pivotal role in politics. The growing political consciousness is likely to strengthen the democratic politics. RJD with a strong youth wing will have a crucial advantage in the years to come.

Yuva RJD is open to each and every youth/students so that they become part of the progression committed to make a difference and lead the change.

Who can be a member of Yuva RJD?

One can become a Yuva RJD member/activist if he/she is

  • Between the age of 18 and 35 years.
  • A citizen of India.

Aspiring members should not be part of any other political organization, or must surrender their membership in any other political organization before joining in the Yuva RJD. Members should have good reputation and must not have been convicted of any criminal offences in the past.

How can I become a Member of Yuva RJD?

Becoming a member of the Yuva RJD is simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Simply Download the Membership Form from RJD Website or get a form from your District Party Office.
  2. Fill Up the Membership Form.
  3. Submit it to the District Returning Officer along with your photograph, copy of the address proof and the subscription fee of Rs. 5/-

Download (Membership Form)

Tejpratap Yadav
Tejpratap Yadav is in youth rally.