Smt. Rabri Devi

Rabri Devi was born on 1st January 1955 in salarkala , Line Bazar, Gopalganj to Mr. Sib Prasad Choudhary. She was married to Sh. Lalu Prasad Yadav in 1973 at the age of 18. Coming from a humble background she rose to sign in the historic moment when she was elected as the first women chief minister of Bihar state on 25th July 1997. She served three terms as the Chief Minister of Bihar and was instrumental in certain landmark decisions which impacted the life and times of the people and communities living in most abject conditions. Her humble background inspires millions of deprived women, providing them with a hope that by diligent commitment one can break through the darkest of the clouds of discrimination and feudal patriarchal structures. At present Smt. Rabri Devi is the member, Bihar Legislative Council.

Biodata of Rabri Devi

Birth Place: Salarkalan, Line Bazar, Gopalganj Bihar
Birth Date: 1955
Father: Shiv Prasad Chaudhary
Husband: Sh. Lalu Prasad
Marriage Date: 1973
Children of Rabri Devi: 2 sons and 7 daughters
Political Party: Rashtriya Janata Dal(RJD)
Occupation: Business & Social Service
Present Residence: 10, Circular Road, Patna, Bihar
Cheif Ministerial Term in Bihar: From 1997 to 2005